November 1, 2020

October 2020 Race Results

Yes, there were a few, a very few, races in October. • On the 10th, Yuta Suda ran the Yokohama Beachside Marathon 30k, coming in 1st!! […]
February 12, 2020

Kanagawa Half and 10K

February 3, 2020

January 2020 Race Results

j• Ultramarathon super runners Harrisson Uk and Sarah Martin were impressive as usual at the Yakushima 100K, on Jan 12th, both winning the overall title! Despite […]
January 31, 2020

January 26, 2020 5,000m Time Trial

34 men, 12 women 12°C, no wind
January 29, 2020

Shinjuku City Half Marathon and 10K

January 4, 2020

40th Tateyama Wakashio Marathon in Chiba

September 5, 2019

August 2019 Race Results

• Not too many races in August due to the heat, but there are a few. One was the Kita-ku Akabane Marathon, where Yuta Suda WON […]
May 30, 2019

Yokohama North Dock Ekiden

May 1, 2019

April 2019 Race Results

The first parkrun in Japan took place on the 6th, at Futakotamagawa. 343 people enjoyed the nice weather and friendly atmosphere for a 5K run. About […]